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Want More Freedom In Just 21 Days?
The 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge will let you 
Finally Kick a habit that you've been stuck with for years 
even if you've tried everything and have had no success! 
You'll get more time for you and your family, a better ability to choose what you want, you'll better your relationships and better yourself.

Connect. Commit. Conquer. 

April 20th the Challenge is On!   
Registration Ends 
April 19th at 11:59pm  
Join the challenge for only $20
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What does it mean to 
 reset your  habits?...
From: Adi Jaffe, PhD
Where: Los Angeles, California
What does it mean to reset your habits?

Resetting your habits is all about gaining freedom.

The freedom to do what we actually want.

For some of us it’s watching too much TV or spending too much time on Instagram. For others it’s eating poorly, drinking too much, or smoking cigarettes.

We get stuck in these habits and aren’t sure what to do…
Please check all of the Questions 
where the answers are YES.
Do you find yourself losing time to bad/useless habits?
Are you ready to take more control of your life?
Are you feeling stuck or weighed down by your habits?
Are you looking to change habits but aren’t sure where to start
Do you want more time to focus on yourself and your relationships?
Do you want more success and freedom?
If you checked ANY of the boxes above then I want to invite you to join us on our 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge and change your life forever
Here’s How the 
Challenge Works...
  • 3 Full Weeks of Coaching by Dr. Jaffe and our incredible Guest Experts
$3,500 Value
  • 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge Customized Kit
Daily Checklist of tasks to to complete to stay on track
Daily exercises and worksheets
Daily inspirational quotes, tips, and videos
Any extra resource links needed to complete each daily task
$197 Value
  • 24/7 Access to Daily Coaching Training Period
$297 Value
$3,500 Value
$197 Value

$297 Value
Total Value = $3,994
Your Cost = $20
And for only $20 you get everything!
Refer 4 of your friends & get your challenge completely FREE!

The First Thing You Get  Access to is the...
21-Day Habit Reset
Your Membership Will 
Have Everything You 
Need For Success 
During Your 21 Days.
When you join the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge today (for just $20) you’ll get access to:
  • Daily checklist of tasks to complete to stay on track each day
  • Daily exercises and worksheets 
  • Daily inspirational quotes, tips and videos
  • Extra resource links needed to complete each daily task
PERK #1  
Coaching from Dr. Adi Jaffe & Guest Experts  
How amazing would it feel to have more time? 

To feel free?  
Some of our habits help us, they help us exercise and make our beds every morning.  

But Others Weigh 
Us Down...
Are you done feeling tied to your phone or glued to your TV? 

Are you eating too much junk food or drinking too much alcohol?

Are you fighting too much with you wife/husband or numbing yourself every night?

Would You Like to Make a Change?

With live coaching Dr. Adi along with other experts in the field, we’re here to help you reset your habits so you can find and maintain a healthy balance in your life. 
Your Customized 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge Kit 
Built for your success!  
Each day you’ll need to complete tasks and exercises to help you reset and get to the root of your habit.  
You’ll also have daily checklist to help keep you organized and on track.  

Each day you’ll be given a guide that will spell out what it is that you need to accomplish each day. You can expect your daily materials to look something like this: 
The digital copies ensure that you’ll be able to take your work with you so there are no excuses as to why you can’t accomplish your day’s goals. 

These tools will be your companion as you navigate through the challenge.  
You’ll also find that your kit is filled with:  
  •  Powerful exercises, inspirational quotes, tips and videos to get you through the habit reset
  •  Extra links to external resources to help complete this process
24/7 Access to the Recordings of Each Coaching Session
That means if you can't make one of the training sessions, no sweat. 

Listen on your commute, at the gym or while you make dinner.  
Or listen multiple times if you want to.  
No matter what your day is like these recordings make it easy to get more done in your day.  
Altogether you’ll get over 10 hours of training!  
Listen to the Coaching Sessions while you're....
  • At the Gym  
  • Making Dinner    
  • Running Errands  
  • Picking the Kids Up From School 

What people are saying about the 
21-Day Habit Reset Challenge...
For the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge we could easily charge thousands of dollars, but… We’re here to help you through this.
That’s why we’re offering you the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge for only $20.
Did we say Daily Coaching led by Dr. Adi Jaffe and Amazing Guest Experts? YES WE DID....
  • BRUCE LIPTON | Psychology of Habit Change
  • SOPHIE JAFFE |  Nutrition and Intuitive Eating
  • CHRIS HARDER | Money & Mindset
  • LARAYIA GASTON | Living with Purpose & Intention


Bruce Lipton, PhD, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. He is a stem cell biologist and author of the best-selling book, The Biology of Belief (in your recommended readings for this challenge). His cutting-edge research and teachings uncover the missing connections between psychology, spirituality, and biology.  His deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions, and implied the existence of an immortal spirit. He applied this science to his personal biology, and discovered that his physical well-being improved, and the quality and character of his daily life was greatly enhanced. He will share his knowledge and expertise on the psychology behind beliefs and habits.


Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert, who is certified as a raw food chef and yoga teacher. Sophie founded her company and wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. Through her holistic approach to wellbeing, Sophie has learned that total wellbeing begins with total nourishment, which is why she created her unique line of cleanses and superfood products. Not only is she a raw food chef and expert on nutrition, but she is a thought leader and change-maker within Intuitive Eating. Sophie will help challenge members fully understand the mind | body connection and to become more aligned with their intuitive eating queues, allowing them to banish disordered eating and bad food habits for good.


Chris Harder is a successful entrepreneur and financial coach. He believes that it all boils down to this simple fact - when people have good money, they do great things. He hosts a podcast, For the Love of Money, where he strives to give you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful. His goal for the podcast is to expose those stories, thus giving you the permission, motivation, and the tips & tools to unapologetically love and attract money, become a smashing success, and in return empower you to live generously in your earnings and your giving. Everyone can help someone, but with enough money you can change the world. In today’s session, Chris will open your eyes to some habits and patterns each of us have when it comes to money and finances, and share some tips on implementing the change you seek towards abundance.


When LaRayia moved to Los Angeles from New York City, she was shocked by the extreme level of poverty she saw on the streets of DTLA, and immediately wanted to help. After spending some time with people in the skidrow community LaRayia felt a tug at her heart and knew this was her calling, so she founded Lunch On Me. Lunch On Me is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending starvation while providing opportunities to enrich the mind, body & spirit of LA’s homeless community. Lunch On Me feeds and serves over 10,000 plus homeless individuals and families on a monthly basis. LaRayia is the perfect expert to coach you on the importance of finding love & purpose in your life, and staying true to both throughout your life. 
Dr. Adi Jaffe and his expert guests will lay the groundwork for you to master the fundamentals of a habit reset and make serious changes in this 21-Day Challenge. It’s important to not do each task as an individual assignment, but to understand the bigger picture as a whole.  
You’ll learn how to take this coaching and apply it to other areas of your life to instill healthy practices and create your new reality.  

Plus, if you join with your friends & family, you can get even more support that will help you along the way.
He will be your supportive (but no-excuses) accountability partner! 

Dr. Jaffe's job is guide you through each phase of this challenge so you can implement these positive changes as your move forward in your life.
Your Challenge…
(Should You Choose to Accept it…) 
Is To Take Action For The 
Next 21 Days So That You Can 
Take Control Of Your Life.  
 Yes there will be daily tasks…  
Yes it will be a challenge…  
But you are making positive steps towards a better lifestyle, and that makes all of this worth it.  

Plus, if you join with friends & family, you can support each other along the way!
The only question is:  
Do you have what it takes?
By the time this challenge is over, you will have reset one of your habits!
That means more time, more freedom and more control over your own life!

This is not just some course that you’ll never use…

Here's what people are saying about the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge...
The 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge is Different!
Commit. Connect. Conquer.  

This challenge will give you life changing tools.  

It combines wellness with psychology, 

Neuroscience and philosophy… 

With no-excuses accountability… 

The biggest challenge is just getting started.

It’s almost never a lack of knowledge that’s a problem....

It’s a Lack of EXECUTION…
(or, not executing the right way).
As you can see, joining the challenge is like Dr. Adi Jaffe as your own personal coach. 

The only difference is that you’re not only getting coaching from me, but from other experts as well.

This is easily a $3,900 value.

So it’s absolutely crazy to get all of this for only $20!

It’s unheard of!

Are you excited yet?

Now is the time to take action!

Hear what people are saying about the 21-Day Challenge
 Meet Marikka, Challenge Participant from April 2019...
What people are saying about the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge...
This Challenge is 
NOT for Everyone: 
You can just move through the motions…

And never do anything with this info…

It’s entirely up to you.

But the chances are that you actually want to change your life.

You actually want to roll up your sleeves and do the work!

It’s just 21-Days…

And you’ll be coached by Dr. Adi Jaffe and be pulled in the right direction.

You just need one good hard push from a coach that will hold you accountable and will make sure that you get these changes done.

So we’re inviting you to take this 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge.

What’s the Catch?
We know that when you change your life for the better, you’re more likely to help others do the same.

And that makes the world a better place, filled with better people.

That’s our ulterior motive.

That’s why we’re practically giving away this challenge at only $20!

(Plus, if you refer 4 friends, you get your challenge completely FREE!)

Because we want to help you live the life that you deserve.

A life of happiness and freedom. 

That’s why we’re doing this. 

That’s why we’re practically giving this challenge away!

What people are saying about the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge...
Why Time is of the Essence….
What people are saying about the 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge...
The Challenge is starting soon!

If this page is open, it means that the challenge is still open for registrations, but it won’t be for long.

And I’m sure you’re thinking, well, I can just take the challenge next time…

My answer to that is maybe.

Maybe you can, maybe you can’t.

I’m not sure when or if the next challenge will be!

Our challenges respond to our community and they open when there is a need for one.

But more importantly than that, waiting to join the challenge means that you’re sacrificing more time and more freedom!

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is now.”

Now is the best time for you to join this challenge.

Don’t wait.
Hear more of what people are saying about the  
21-Day Challenge
Meet Tiffiney, Challenge Participant from April 2019...

Is There a Guarantee… 
Of course!

I guarantee that if you show up to the course, and if you do the work, you will have a better understanding of yourself, of your habits and of what it takes to reset your habits and build a happier, healthier lifestyle.

This experience will help change your life.

Dr. Jaffe has helped literally thousands of people change the way they live and he can help you too!

All you have to do is show up every day, open your inbox, log in and complete the daily mission. If you can commit to that for only 21 days, your life will be forever changed!

I can't wait to see what you'll do with it!
The 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge is a 
$4,000 value
 and it’s yours for $20 
It includes:
  • 3 Full Weeks of Coaching by Dr. Jaffe & Amazing Guest Experts
$3,500 Value
  • 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge Customized Kit
Daily Checklist of tasks to to complete to stay on track
Daily exercises and worksheets
Daily inspirational quotes, tips, and videos
Any extra resource links needed to complete each daily task
$197 Value
  • 24/7 Access to Daily Coaching Training Period
$297 Value
$3,500 Value
$197 Value

$297 Value
Total Value = $3,994 
Your Cost = $20
Refer 4 of your friends & get your challenge completely FREE!

If you’re ready to reset your habits and start making positive changes in your life, then
  this is the mission we’re giving to you:
You have 21 Days, starting April 20th
Are YOU ready to start making a difference?
Sound like a ridiculously good deal? It is.
So, what are you waiting for?
For Only $20
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7-Day Guarantee

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One Time Offer: Incredible Audiobook + E-Book + Cheat Sheet Bundle

Our most successful participants take this challenge with them everywhere and get to go even deeper!!!

That's why we're offering this incredible bundle that includes:

1. The Abstinence Myth Audiobook AND E-book - Listen to the book in your car on the way to work, at the gym, or anywhere else you'd like to have access!

2. Dr. Jaffe's Amazing IGNTD Habit Cheat Sheet that provides several pages worth of special exercises and tips (including some of those used in his $1,500 Hero Program!) to help you plan for success during and after this 21-Day challenge!

If you want clarity on where to take this new freedom, this bundle will make sure that you can have everything at your fingertips in your car, at the gym, or even on your lunch break at work! 

And all for $25!
Over 73% of our Most Successful Challengers Upgrade to this Package!
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